Improve Writing Skills with Free Online Courses

Improve Writing Skills with Free Online Courses

How do I benefit when I study online? Where can I find online learning courses to help me with my writing skills? To answer this and more questions, we have written this article, which covers online teaching courses for writers and students. If you have never studied the art of writing, then this is the article for you. It covers a list of sites that will help you learn more about writing at the comfort of your home!

How do the free online courses work?

Tutors post videos teaching about a topic, and then you can watch and learn at home. No extra transport cost or lunch money, which is what makes these courses very convenient. All you are required to do is enroll in the free course, and you can boost your writing skills immensely.

Here is a list to guide you through the process of choosing the right online course:

  1. A Beginner’s Guide to Writing in English for University Study

It is a course that offers details on how to improve both your grammar and knowledge of writing an essay structure. It promises to teach more about academic writing and proofread and catch errors in your essay. The course offers an advantage to students studying abroad in English-speaking regions.

  1. Academic Literacy

With this course, you not only get to enrich your writing vocabulary to perfection. But it also looks at in-depths of cohesion and coherence, intertextuality, informativity, and so much more. Making sure you boost your academic writing skills to perfection. With this course, you get to learn a lot about academic writing, making sure you can face any essay confidently.

  1. Academic and Business Writing

You get to learn the basics of writing academic papers and compares them to other writings. You get to understand research writing better when tutors compare them with essays from business writing. You also get a bonus to learn about the written communication and dissertation in the world of business. Which in turn opens up your mind to a lot of new writing ideas.

  1. How to Write an Essay

Essays are the most used type of writing in the academic world. It is, therefore, vital to take this class separately to get all the details about essay writing. Ranging from the structure of the essay, formats, and styles, creating an outline, and so much more. It also focuses on ways to proofread and catch grammar and spelling errors to ensure you write a perfect essay.

  1. Short Khan Academic Practical Course

In this course, you get to learn how an essay is analyzed in real life. It teaches ways to research and combine evidence for your paper that is convincing o the reader. It does not focus on one topic or portion of writing, giving you the advantage to choose the lesson you want to learn. It is a pool of lessons that offer knowledge on writing and formatting skills. So enroll today and find an online course that matches your need perfectly.


Many people are not aware of the existence of online learning, while others ignore it. But with the wealth of knowledge contained in these sites, you will not be disappointed. With the added advantage of no cost for taking the course, nobody should struggle with writing again. Enroll in any of the discussed online courses and watch your writing skills increase with each class you attend.

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