Proven Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Proven Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

What would we refer to as writer’s block? Writer’s block can be explained as that feeling of anxiety when we can’t write down our heads’ ideas.

A writer may also feel inadequate when they perceive that their writing is considered of little value, unimaginative or unoriginal. In such a state, we become overwhelmed by the instructor’s instructions which may make us delay to start our work.


  • Stream of consciousness writing

Consciousness type of writing is found in various forms and types as they do have the same ideas. It involves just writing without even considering the sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. The reason for conscious writing is to write for the sake of writing.

The practices of conscious writing would include: when your eyes are closed, writing whatever comes into your mind to be the topic on which you will focus, writing as you focus on how you slowly shape your letters, or just setting the alarm and writing for some few minutes, like 10 minutes.

  • Changing location

Change where you usually write from. If you are used to writing at the desk, change your position to sitting near a window. If you are used to writing at your computer, move to the dining room bench or the kitchen, a park, the library, or a coffee shop.

  • Start with the part that you are well conversant with

One may decide to start from anywhere, even if it means beginning from the middle so long as you know your topic very well. One may decide to begin with the middle part first. It does not matter how the place you want to start from because the readers will only be interested in the final work; they won’t know where you started from.

  • Techniques of relaxing

As a writer, you need to relax when you have nothing to write on. Try taking a break from writing to help you rejuvenate and take few deep breaths. It would be best if you tried some physical exercises which will make you mentally active. You may participate in many sporting activities, including playing tennis, going to the gym, or playing soccer. As you travel to those sites of relaxation, don’t forget to carry with you a notebook and a pen. Ideas may flow when you are just relaxing as the fresh blood flows to your head.

  • Talk aloud

Discuss your paper with your friends or do a voice recording of your work. Let the tape play as you record what you can hear.

  • Community and accountability

Plan for the place and time you may be with a team of other writers to write together as a team. Describe the topic that you are currently working on, the challenges you face, and the change that needs to be done. Everyone may decide to write their work silently and finally discuss whatever they write on and what needs to be improved. The accountability, community, and goal setting will help you be productive in your work.

  • Consider using the writing center

We have our writing center, whereby a writer is free to make an appointment with a tutor. We have realized an effective and productive way is to talk out writing challenges and brainstorm them with the tutors present.


We may be overwhelmed by the instructor’s instructions, which may delay starting our work. Writers should be able to find ways of overcoming writer’s block.

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